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Hannah Gadsby and the “S” Word

I have a lot of issues with ‘s’ words. "Should", "success", "scared", "shame". They all, well, suck. They have baggage, a weight I can feel in my stomach, my soul.
I feel like my story is broken, wasting away like a faded receipt. Can I get a refund on my mid 20’s?
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I Went to a Journo Event and Faced the Boys Club and I Don't Know How to Feel

Two things to note here. 
One, I am unemployed and trying be a journalist. Two, I am a feminist and persistent.

I respect trigger warnings. Because if a few words can save a life, we should commit to it.

Trigger warnings, refers to triggered media, anxiety, depression, sexual assault and domestic violence.
Look at you. You're so strong and brave. I know life can be hard. Almost like it's not worth the effort. You're doing it though, you are here. I may not be able to meet you, hug you, pay for therapy, pay for a holiday, give you exactly what you need. But I can respect you enough to take a bit of care in what I put out on the Internet. I can take a few seconds to warn you and others about the content you may read.  Because you are worth that. 
A persons life can be severely affected by content on anxiety, depression, sexual assault, domestic violence, anything that hurls them into a bad place.  If I can take a small action to avoid putting a person into a dark place, I will do my utmost to do so. Trigger warnings are about respect and understanding.