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Brownie In A Mug

I am often perusing the interweb, I love kittehs and pugs and corgis and little baby goats. The Internet is so awesome. You can go to a farm/petting zoo without having to go to a farm/petting zoo. What, I’m scared of chickens. Them bitches are scary. Anyway, I finally saw a food picture/recipe meme I could actually do. Not like those seven layers rainbow cakes or cupcakes turned into a baby panda. A MICROWAVE BROWNIE!!!!! Being a massive dessert person, and having those ingredients in my pantry, I gave it the old college try. (I hate it when those recipes expect you to have like essence of newt in you kitchen, it’s like “yeah, I’ll pop down to Diagon Alley during my weekly shopping and grab some.” I hate life.)
Holy CRAPOLA this was so easy to make!!!! It worked too.