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I respect trigger warnings. Because if a few words can save a life, we should commit to it.

Trigger warnings, refers to triggered media, anxiety, depression, sexual assault and domestic violence.
Look at you. You're so strong and brave. I know life can be hard. Almost like it's not worth the effort. You're doing it though, you are here. I may not be able to meet you, hug you, pay for therapy, pay for a holiday, give you exactly what you need. But I can respect you enough to take a bit of care in what I put out on the Internet. I can take a few seconds to warn you and others about the content you may read.  Because you are worth that. 
A persons life can be severely affected by content on anxiety, depression, sexual assault, domestic violence, anything that hurls them into a bad place.  If I can take a small action to avoid putting a person into a dark place, I will do my utmost to do so. Trigger warnings are about respect and understanding. 

Thoughts On A Train

You are a boss ass bitchYou are a Queen. Goddess. You do not need to apologise Not for your existence Not for your flaws You don't need to be polite You don't need to be ladylike You can be epic You can be fierce Make them tremble before you Because you can You are no second class citizen Make them make room for you You deserve that space You do not need to earn space You are present and worthy
I will shrink for no one.

My Super Healthy Thought Process

Ask me to do a hilarious blog post about a twenty-something’s struggle to do, well, anything and I’m golden but ask me to do something that may be slightly out of my comfort zone or what might be considered an “achievement” and I’ve tapped out before you’ve said “portfolio.”