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War of The Wardrobes

Australians are drowning in unwanted and unworn clothing items. 104 items are left unworn in our wardrobes, costing $1.7 billion a year, according to The Clothing Exchange. A company who encourage us to swap our clothes when they are no longer worn or wanted.
The Wardrobe Workshop and Swap/Style/Snap Shop hosted by The Clothing Exchange celebrates 10 years working with Melbourne Fashion Festival.

From left to right: Linn Vikander, Mat Ekstrom, Fabia Pryor, Cheryl Lin, Sigrid McCarthy, Violette Snow and Kate Luckins. Photo by: Alison Foletta
In this workshop we discuss sustainable fashion, to invest in our own style and to refine and develop our wardrobe into only what we love and really wear.
Panellists for the Wardrobe Workshop include founder of The Clothing Exchange Kate Luckins with Linn Vikander, Cheryl Lin of Business Chic, founders of Hessian Magazine Violette Snow and Sigrid McCarthy, Fabia Pryor a sustainability consultant and slow fashion retailer Mats Ekström.
The panel…