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What's In My Bag Blog Post

In My Own Little Corner, In My Own Little Chair (Cinderella on Broadway was SO good)

Another Blogger Added to The Pot.

So, blogging.
For anyone who reads this, firstly, thank you for actually clicking onto this blog. (Clicking, is that the right term?). And secondly, sorry if I annoy you. Beauty of the internet, anyone can have a say. Unless you don't have a computer, internet access or money.

I hope to regularly devote this blog to articles regarding fun things like latest trends, and thoughts on fashion. And sometimes just random thoughts about books, life, the ability to find a good coffee. Whatever I feel I can write a funny little article about.

So this is a hello. And I just sang that in my head and now I'm singing a Beatles song.

You say goodbye and I say hello.

See you in the blogosphere.

Folly Girl.