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Showing posts from September, 2015

Meg Mac- Never Be Tour Melbourne

For the 60 minutes (approximately) Meg Mac graced the stage at The Corner Hotel, I was in total awe. Her voice punctures through any thoughts I had about the sticky floor and perspiration on my neck. Meg Mac, who I now call a goddess, flips from sultry to quirky. Her eyes lowered from the audience to her backup singers (Hannah, her sis and Dani), crooning away like she belongs to another decade, or giggling how she had yet to play and sing on stage yet (she did last night and nailed it.) Macs talent ranges to her impressive skills at vocals and piano to her own “lucky” a Capella piece sung in French. Her voice is like butter and wine. It melts, it bites, it oozes and lingers. Her live performance penetrates the mind and soul. If you get to hear Meg Mac’s “Oh My God” live, you will never forget it.

Tessa Waters- Golden Comedy Goddess

Unexpected and ferocious, Tessa Waters’ Womanz is 55 minutes of self-love and Tessa-love. Waters’ wiggles her booty around stage, dancing and jumping, her energy and sheer joy of being of the stage has the audience ensnared in minutes, after the confusion with “the rock” clears up and we realise what we are in for.