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Tessa Waters- Golden Comedy Goddess

Unexpected and ferocious, Tessa Waters’ Womanz is 55 minutes of self-love and Tessa-love.
Waters’ wiggles her booty around stage, dancing and jumping, her energy and sheer joy of being of the stage has the audience ensnared in minutes, after the confusion with “the rock” clears up and we realise what we are in for.

Waters is simply wild on stage, from her glorious beehive hairdo, to her glittery boots, her energy rolls off her, she is fully prepared to make this the best night of your life.
Tessa’s confidence on stage is intoxicating. Her dead-on stare with the audience is terrifying and hilarious, laughing at any two words she choices to string together and shaking with excitement that the Womanz was staring right at you.

The show itself is a dance celebration! Of love and life, mainly your love for your own life and other parts of your body. As Waters throws herself around stage, her absolute joy of being there envelopes you. You will find yourself ready to jump up and dance with the Womanz as soon as she commands.

Tessa Waters loves being happy, she wants her audience to be happy. Do what makes you happy no matter how weird it is, is the message the Womanz would like you to take with you after the best night of your life.

Anyone who finds they are not happy in the light of the disco balls of Waters stage will be faced with the choice to surrender to the Womanz or leave. Waters’ glittery world commands respect, to her and her audience. Please leave your negativity at the door.


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