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Bullet Journaling Attempt #1

I decided to give bullet journaling a hot try. I’ve drawn up the last 3 weeks of 2016 (way to commit, Alison) and step backed and looked at what I value in myself.

Whoa, what? Values? Self reflection? Fuck off.

Now, I’m someone who is all about the all or nothing, I knew going into bullet journaling I had to keep it simple, minimal as fuck. Otherwise I’d tap out after three days. (btw, I am three days in as I write this).

But to keep it simple, I had to only keep in what I wanted to focus on, not what looks good on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m not about to start a five-year plan when I don’t even know what I’m doing next year. 

I’ve always been a big picture person and you know what? It hasn’t worked well for me. 

Bullet journaling puts in perspective what I want to achieve in small steps. And these little steps will help me feel in control, like I’ve been ever so slightly productive without drowning. And they don’t have to be massive goals like, applying for the Mars settlement, mine are drinking more green tea and finishing two books before the end of the year.

My very new bullet journal journey (ew) isn’t pretty. But I still feel pretty satisfied when I look at my little mess. I have a place to contain my life. And it's ALLOWED to be messy; cause (cliché life advice) life is fucking messy.


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