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In My Own Little Corner, In My Own Little Chair (Cinderella on Broadway was SO good)

Like any good university student, my mind has been fully committed to finding a suitable distraction for the first few weeks of semester. I have devoted myself to reorganising my room.
It is partially not my fault; I have just come back from a trip to the States and brought back a monumental amount of crap. I have fully delved into my own little world of how to stylishly put all my stuff.

Many trips to Kmart, utilising their $2 cups and bowls as makeup storage and ring holders. That trip to Ikea was really stupid. 3 hours later, I had managed to only purchase a free re-fill coffee and dwindled my will to go on. Thank God I got out of there alive, supplied with a cute new duvet cover and plant pots I re-purposed as pencil cups.

Rather than stressing over already falling behind on my online class, my mind cannot stop nit picking about where my Disneyland parasol should be. Are candles cute breakups between the overstuffed boxes of jewellery I no longer wear?

It is so nice to worry about which bowl colour I prefer, attempting to bring colour coordination into my room. But I know, well, my subconscious does, that I will soon be having panic attacks about how little I have done for this class, this assignment is due, how Moodle doesn’t like me and won’t upload the essay I forgot about. I like my little decorating world. Why can’t I have pretty things?

Though my room coordinates blues, browns and greens. My books will soon be in disarray, and I will forget what Ikea’s floor plan is. 


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