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What's In My Bag Blog Post

 So I am perfectly aware that this is a YouTube thing however I think it is an awesome way to know whether or not you want this certain blogger or YouTuber in your life. It’s like a “first impressions” for social networking. Not that I condone judging person on first impressions or denouncing someone by the contents of their bag but it’s a fun “get-to-know-you-super-quick” thing and I don’t do videos so I’m going to attempt a blog post “What’s In my Bag”.

My handbag is an Enzo Rossi black computer bag. I got it last year for my birthday. I don’t use it as much as I’d like but there isn’t that much space considering it’s size but it’s pretty, so who cares?

I carry a lot around with me, much more than I need. I always have a massive bag. I simply cannot condense it; my anxiety-riddled mind won’t let me. I take out a lip balm and that voice whispers “you may need that and when you do, then what?” and back in it goes.

Firstly, I have a large clutch which I use as a pocket. I stole this idea from blogger Meg from Lipsofacto, she’s so cool. It keeps my most reached for items in it.
-My little red notebook for lists, with a pen.
-My wallet from “Rush”. Money, cards, nothing special.
-Keys, with my new Cath Kidston fob!!! I love you Asos. I only have my Eiffel Tower key chain and a little leather thing from a bag. I think it’s meant to snap inside the bag so you don’t lose your keys.
-Little change purse from, cough, Big W. I also have my many coffee cards in there. I’m a student, I need my coffee.
-Another 3 pens. I prefer black ink. FYI.
-Hand sanitiser that I never use and of course,
-Lucas’ Paw Paw ointment. Really good for cuticles, as a night cream, the best ever for mozzie bites.
-My phone. A Samsung 3. Sportgirl case. I hate mobile phones. I hate it when it rings. Evil necessity!! (I almost forgot to include it).

Next is my little brown clutch that keeps my little go to makeup stuff. I use this stuff most and rather than keep one big makeup bag, I have two little ones.
I got this inside a bag from Francesca’s Collection.
-FOUR lip balms. Cough, addicted. Burt’s Bees in Honey, there is no shine to it so it’s good for under lipstick. Nivea Milk and Honey, for a bit of shine and moisture and nothing else. Lip Smacker in Cherry for a bit of colour and Avon’s Simply Pretty in Sweet Tart for a different bit of colour. Phew!
-Tic Tacs. Mint flavour. Can’t stand chewing gum. It makes my tummy hurt and oh, the chewing. Like a cow chewing grass. Shudder.
-Panadol. Gel caps. God knows how old these are. Oops.
-Avon pressed powder in Porcelain
-Avon concealer in Neutral.
-My pretty little compact mirror from Francesca’s Collection. SO purdy.
-MiGrastick. Which I use for anxiety and stress. Little roll-on essential oils, peppermint and lavender. Good to relax when you are feeling overwhelmed. Like exams and tests. Or crowded shopping centres.

My other little makeup bag is from CottonOn Body. Pretty and cheap. Just how I like it.
-here is my body mist, I also use that when stressed. It is lavender and chamomile. I have a bigger bottle I keep on my desk and I put some in here for easy transportation. It is Aromatherapy body mist from Priceline.
-deodorant. Smells like baby powder but that’s better than body odour.
-earphones. I never listen to music but when I do, I don’t have any earphones on me and have to buy crappy ones. Now I have a secret stash.
-Avon mini eyeliner in Black. Cause you never know.
-Australis blush in Rosy Cheeks. Cause you never know.
-Essence All Eyes on Me Waterproof. $3.50 mascara that does the same thing as  $20 mascara. Should keep them everywhere. Cause you never know.
-Boe lipstick in Natural Tea Rose. Love this colour, may not have a stitch of makeup on but put a little of this on and I look like I tried.
-Bobby pins and hair ties. I have short curly hair. Anything can happen.
-Glasses cleaning cloth. I wear glasses and I wear makeup. Anything can happen.
-Colgate Wisp mini-brushes. Bought for travelling. Never used them. Now in handbag.
-Manicure Sapphire nail file.
-Models Prefer Blush brush. From a travel set. Really good brushes for the price.
-Parker pen. A gift that I like to keep on me.
-little brush for my eyebrows. I have a little flick in my eyebrow. Needs to be controlled.

These are actually free rolling in my bag.
-my diary. From good old Officeworks. I love that place.
-my sunnies. Prescription. Stupid eyes. Specsavers brand fake wayfarers. They are in a case from my old glasses because they are prescription if I break them I am screwed. I can’t grab a pair of $10 sunnies because I am blind. And yes, I have contacts but they are SO annoying.
-Kleenex. Tissues, you need them.
-Palmer’s concentrated cream. Travel sized for travelling. Never use it because when I’m out I’m doing stuff; hand cream is really awkward for someone as uncoordinated as myself.


That is what is in my bag. And when I go to uni, I cram it with books and snacks.
I’m quite proud of that. I don’t think there were any un-essential items in there. Or many. I doubt this will change. It’s been a long habit of carrying around my life in my handbag. I just can’t do the little tiny purse. I need my crap!!

Let me know if you tried a “What’s In my Bag” blog post. 


  1. Your bags cute, never heard of Enzo Rossi!
    Take a look at my bag tag :)



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