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My Super Healthy Thought Process

Ask me to do a hilarious blog post about a twenty-something’s struggle to do, well, anything and I’m golden but ask me to do something that may be slightly out of my comfort zone or what might be considered an “achievement” and I’ve tapped out before you’ve said “portfolio.”
Someone, somewhere said something along the lines of “smart people doubt themselves and dumb people don’t” and it has something to do with doubting our ability to do something well, and if we can do it well then it mustn’t be a very useful thing to be able to do. And now I sound like an arrogant fuck saying I can do this well, well shit.

Procrastination and anxiety is a beautiful relationship, the fit to perfectly together, they mesh like a gym person’s expensive legwear, or are they thermals? You know, “skins”. Really, just no one was going to keep those two kids from getting together. Too bad for everyone else in the entire world.
As I try to pull myself away from YouTube and The Mindy Project to complete anything I consider worthwhile, a school essay, a smart person article, I panic at my complete lack of skill and the idea of working on something to gain those skills in a methodical manner freaks me the fuck out. Isn’t everything you’re meant to do come super easy and if you have to try then you shouldn’t bother? What, is that an unhealthy way of thinking?

Continues to watch YouTube as cannot think of way to continue this barrage of word vomit.


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