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Green Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have wanted purple hair for about two years. Approximately.
However, I am the most low maintenance, read lazy, person ever regarding hair. Dealing with roots and fading is not my jam.

Another problem, I am impulsive AF. I like to get the big chop on a whim, I am dying to try a pixie cut, I've dyed my naturally ash blonde hair with STORE BOUGHT PERMANENT HAIR COLOUR. In a most recent case of impulsiveness, I dyed my hair green.

The barest tips  of my shoulder length hair have some remaining blonde from foils done a year ago. Despite that, the blue hair dye clung to those precious bleached locks to create a faint green/grey tinge.

Rash decisions rarely result in promising outcomes.
They have long term consequences, like growing out a fringe on naturally curly hair. Or, if one is lucky enough, short term consequences, like having a blue stained bathroom and having to wash your hair more frequently.

I say, live and learn.


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