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R U Ok? Day. From An Anxious Persons Perspective

R U Ok Day is a great initiative. It can make someone feel not alone, it can start a conversation.
But, as someone with generalised anxiety disorder and depression (and is prone to crying in public), I have some thoughts.

- Please be ready to follow up, if you are going to give your support, don't let it be for 24 hours only.
- This isn't about making you feel better.
- Sometimes a person isn't ready for a conversation, it is their choice to engage in a convo about mental health.
- This isn't a social media post opportunity.
- If you're not taking it seriously, we can tell.

What bothers me most is how we don't talk about our mental health. And that gives depression and anxiety so much more power.
It's a complicated beast but hiding it under the covers doesn't help.
Talk, and talk often. Don't make it a beast.


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